This blog entry will explain:

  • The details of the assignment.
  • The reasons I have chosen tumblr as the blogging platform for this assignment.

The instructions in the brief make no mention of explaining the assignment details, but I feel they are necessary to justify the blogging platform.

Out of the two briefs for the assignment I chose the following:

"Design a service that utilises video materials for online or mobile devices. Create the video materials and design diagrams for the functionality and aesthetics of the service."

The reasons for choosing tumblr to chronicle this process are as follows:

  • Firstly, on a personal level, the length of my ideas are sporadic; they might just be a sentence or they might be a couple of page and designs. Tumblr simplicty and ease of useĀ  lends itself to this system of working. As well as this I use a mixture of colloquial professional language that might seem out of place on something like wordpress.
  • Tumblr may have less sheen than other sites, but it has a higher user base of young people than most blogging sites. The technology involved with my project will rely heavily on feedback from younger audiences (by younger I mean teen-mid age adults, not children. Though I have seen a lot of kids with iphones and the like recently. That just annoys me, the best tech I had at their age was a gameboy, pokemon yellow and dial up).
  • Easy phone access, important for on the go micro blogging.
  • Strong community and growth. I thought it would be important to choose a service that is moving forward rather than one that is stagnant. In my time on the internet (too much) I have noticed the speed at which stuff moves about and gains gravitas in communities. In my opinion tumblr is right up there, just by communities like reddit and twitter.

That is not to say that tumblr perfectly suits my needs. I would prefer the ability for people to discuss certain items directly (comments section) without having to reblog or message me privately. However, the pros outweigh the cons.